Perhaps you don’t notice anymore,but you do the same as well.

Most women have make-up on every day and a lot of them wearing mascara,even those who claim the opposite.Have you noticed that when you raise the spiral to your eyes,your mouth remains wide open?About 70% of us automatically have this reflex,but have you ever tried to put mascara or eyeliner with a closed mouth?Why is it so difficult?We have the answer.

Keeping your mouth shut is a lot of effort

“Having your mouth shut is not natural. When you are relaxed, or otherwise highly concentrated on a task that requires high accuracy, the neck muscles are relaxed and the mouth opens spontaneously, “says Alexandre Bonnet, a well known osteopath in Paris.

Other explanations have also surfaced.One of them says that having the mouth open forming an ‘O’ would temporarily prevent the eyes from blinking. We could not find physiological explanation exists yet to support this assumption.

However the fact is,opening the mouth stretches the skin around the cheeks and makes it easier to apply so that you don’t get mascara all over your skin.It’s also kind of a concentration thing for some people (similar to sticking your tongue out).

This does not mean that you can not wear makeup like a pro without making a grimace!



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