A toddler from Indonesia went viral after his parents revealed he smoked more than 40 cigarettes a day.

It’s been 8 years now since Ardi Rizal has finally beat his addiction.
According to reports from the Mirror, Ardi was able to quit smoking in a rehabilitation program set up by the Indonesian government who presumably felt the blowback of global disgust. Ardi’s smoking habit actually caused such outrage that the government launched a nationwide campaign to end childhood smoking altogether.
Luckily Ardi managed to overcome the terrible habit but this does not mean he was free of harmful addiction per se.The young boy in turn replaced his harmful addiction with another — Junk food.

Ardi, has proven himself to be a strong willed kid though, and has now successfully kicked his junk food habit too. He now stays away from cigarettes, eats healthy, and the results speak for themselves. He is happier and healthier than he has ever been.

It’s not every day that a child goes through two addictive episodes and manages to overcome them. We should all look to this story as inspiration why we too can overcome our addictions with focus and determination.

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