If you’ve already asked yourself, “Why am I so angry and yelling?” then you need to keep reading.

First you blame it on all kinds of things like : hormones,stress,lack of sleeping,but soon you need to face up to the facts : you became a yelling mom!Even if you never considered yourself an angry person,but you never considered yourself as a “baby person” either,and you have kids now.

You hate to be like this,and you don’t want to hurt your loved ones around you,so you’re looking for something that helps. You’ve come to the right place,here are few tips that can help!

1. Zoom out

One of the quickest ways to dispel your anger, frustration, or near to the surface outburst is to put yourself in other mom’s shoes.

In other part’s of the world families are being displaced, separated,killed, and go to bed hungry. Mothers worldwide are dying of diseases with no chance for the cure, or none available to help them anyway. Miscarriages, abortions, and child abuse skyrocket in certain countries. These tragedies do not minimize your difficult emotions, no they do not. But they can help you put things in perspective in the moment.

2. Have your plan always ready,so you can keep your cool

It’s a great and very useful idea to have certain basic consequences in place for different behaviors. If you know what you’ll do when your kids don’t do their homework, defy your instructions, or lie, kick and scream then you won’t have to rely on your emotions or feelings to determine a course of action.

Instead of being angry or frustrated then finding a course of action from thin air, autopilot to your chosen consequence or loss of privilege without riding the wave of rage. This also works when you are feeling overwhelmed and angry, even when the kids aren’t doing anything wrong. If you have certain stress triggers, choose intentional habits you can default to. This way you won’t give in to emotions that make you feel more and more out of control.

3. Do not punish your family in anger

Just walk out of the room before you saying or doing anything. After you’ve calmed down you will think of a proper consequence if one is in order. Walking away immediately can help you to relax a bit. Most of the time it calms the kids too because it gives them time to think about what’s happened and what did they do (if they did anything wrong).

4. Give yourself some space

When you’re a busy mom , you can be tempted to feel every minute of the day should focus on your kids and your job. If you are On The Verge and have lost all your calm you need some time to yourself.Put your kids in independent play, put them all to nap at the same time, or just send them out in the backyard to play. If you know you’re in a weary place, orient your day around giving yourself more alone time. You can find alone time even with small kids underfoot.

5. Never forget

Feelings will reveal what’s going on under the surface, but they never can be trusted when they are on high alert and important decisions must be made.

Here are some tricks to keep in your arsenal to help you calm down. Remember a few and make a habit of using them when you are about to become that yelling mom so you can develop a practice of calming.

Tell your kids you “need a minute” and walk away,go to another room
Turn around, and take a deep breath
Lay down for a minute and relax your muscles,your mind
Put your child (or children) in their rooms or beds so you can have some “time out”
Go for a walk/run
Scream into a pillow 
Jump up and down or run in place
Have wild sex with your husband
Check your social media
Go for a drive
Create a schedule where you have enough time to sleep

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