Before and after photos show an incredible transformation of a teenager,who was born without chin and protruding teeth.Now she is absolutely unrecognisable after the complicated plastic surgery she gone through to rebuild her face.


Wijitpraphorn Punbu, a 19 years old teenage girl from Thailand, told her story about how she faced years of non-stop bullying because of the way she looked.

But her life drastically changed when she won a Korean TV Show “Let Me In” and her prize was a all expenses paid-trip to South Korea to undergo the multiple plastic surgeries she needed.

Here are some photos of the amazing results:

Wijitpraphorn’s life has completely changed, she said: ‘Until I had the surgery I had a sad and lonely life, people would tease me all through my life and it hurt.
‘I feel I can now go out and not feel ashamed or embarrassed of how I look.’

The teenager said she missed her family during her three-month stint in Korea.
But then she immediately added: ‘It’s all been worth it. After all, there’s nobody that says they don’t want to be beautiful.’


( According to the Daily Mail )


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